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Every heart-centered Entrepreneur has a golden opportunity to facilitate a lasting shift  in people’s lives. Businesses impact whole communities by feeding families,  and providing products and services that ease suffering, and support personal growth. By bringing your unique gifts to the world, you’re making this a safer and happier place for all of us to live.

The world needs you to be the very BEST you that you can possibly be. The fact that you’re reading this tells me that Entrepreneurship is calling your heart…but it has to be done the right way.

We all know the stats on how so many well-meaning businesses fail each year. They fail for lack of planning and strategic insight, and from just plain stinkin’ thinkin’.

Let me help you start. build or fix your Success. Together you and I will identify the low-hanging fruit in your business, orient you toward that fruit, and plot YOUR Fast Path to CASH!




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You may have heard my story of how, in more than 24 years of practicing Business Law, and 35 years of Business Consulting, I have helped countless Professionals and Entrepreneurs just like YOU to establish a solid foundation for their business, uncover hidden assets that explode their revenues, and, finally, to structure brilliant strategic partnerships to maximize their profit potential.


I AM your Business Accelerator, and I’m VERY well qualified to help you end the fear and frustration that’s been stopping you, and finally start, build or fix the business of your dreams!

Here’s What Some Folks Have Said About Working With Me:.

“Shaune Arnold…will inspire you. She’ll motivate you. She’ll provide great insight because she’s a brilliant attorney. She’s been my attorney. She represents me. She will teach you the strategies of how to grow your business; the ins and outs of how you can begin to…[build] an extraordinary business…” Les Brown, Iconic Motivational Speaker
“I listen to Shaune…I am hooked…” Atlas J. – Los Angeles, CA
“Some people get the heebie jeebies when they have to see a lawyer. If you allow that to stop you…you’re going to regret it. If you want answers to tough legal, professional or entrepreneurial questions – without a lot legal mumbo jumbo, you need to talk with Shaune. She’ll lay out the law with an engaging mix of candor, compassion and wit. Ya can’t beat that!” Sheila L. – San Fernando, CA




“Shaune Arnold, the best coach ever!” Vickie G.H. – Houston, TX


We’re Coming Together on Saturday, October 14, 2017 for YOUR…

…Fast Path to CASH!

Attend the Event LIVE, in Los Angeles, California.

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How Fast is This Path for YOU?

You’re Going to Discover What it Takes to Create an Investor-Grade Business Model and Strategic Plan That Can Get You All of the Investment Dollars That You Need.

Plus, I’m Going to Reveal to You Everything You Need to Know to Bring Those Investor Dollars in Quickly and Legally.

The information provided to you will come from Platinum Tower’s Executive Suite: The Business Plan.

Click this link to view an Abstract of Platinum Tower’s Executive Suite: The Business Plan full course of materials.

Although we’ll review only portions of this material during the workshop, you’ll get it all immediately with your purchase, so you’ll have all of this information as a business reference, forever (and if you need extra help, just ask!).


How Will You Get to Your CASH??

I’m Going to Share With You EXACTLY How to Properly Organize Your Business Entity and How to Structure the 7 Pillars of Success in Your Business to Ensure Your Success. These are the Hardcore Business Systems that EVERY Iconic Business Has Running on Automatic. The information provided to you will come from Platinum Tower’s Executive Suite: The Business Series materials.

Click this link to view abstracts of Platinum Tower’s Executive Suite: The Business Series full course of materials.

Although we’ll review only portions of this material during the workshop (there’s so much information there we want to point you in the right direction…if you want more help than the 1 day workshop, you KNOW I’ve got you!). You’ll get all of the information you need to make your business a success immediately with your purchase, so, again, you’ll have it as a business reference, forever.

With This Training, You’ll Grow a Business That Will Give You the Income You Need So You Can Help Your Family and Friends, Enjoy Your Life, and Make a Lasting Impact in the World.

These Methods and Principles That I Will Lay at Your Feet Will Ensure the Long-Term Success of Your Enterprise, and Will Position You to do Business Globally.

But WAIT…We’re Also Cooking Up Some Very SPECIAL SURPRISES: an awesome VIP Party, a very special Lunch, and Guest Speakers (Maybe Even Some Celebrities…After All, This IS Los Angeles)…Just to Make it a No-Brainer for You.


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I REALLY Want This for You…

…But That’s Not All…

When We Come Together, on Saturday, October 14, 2017, You’re Going to Discover:

Combination Lock7 Immutable Secrets You Need to Know in Order to Start, Build or Fix a Business That You’ll Absolutely Love;


Railroad Crossing Sign3 Colossal Train Wreck Mistakes You Simply MUST Avoid, No Matter What if You Want to Build a Lasting Legacy.


And That’s Just for Starters!

When You Register for…

Fast Path to CASH!

You’re Going To:

  • Stop procrastinating, and FINALLY start, build or fix the business of your dreams.

  • Develop your unique Breakthrough Business Blueprint that will reveal exactly how much time, money, and relationship capital you’ll need to invest before your business will turn a profit!;

  • Identify your unique point of distinction that separates you from the competition, and makes you the natural choice for your clients;

  • Set up the 7 Pillars of Success in your business. These are the critical cash flow systems that will explode your revenue potential; and

  • Discover the EXACT step-by-step model I have honed and used for more than 24 years to help my clients make their quantum leap from having a dream in their hearts to running a 7-figure business enterprise very quickly. Yes, you too can build a successful business, make a difference to thousands of people and get paid handsomely without reinventing the wheel over and over again.

You’ll Get the LATEST Business Mastery Knowledge Because I’m Bringing Together Global Business Leaders Who Will Share Special Insights With You on Becoming a Client Magnet for Global Business.

If You’ve Ever Been on One of My Teleconference Calls, or at One of My Live Events, You Know That They are Content-Rich and Loaded With the EXACT Strategies I Use and Tons of “How-To’s” You Can Implement in Your Business IMMEDIATELY, and See Results in Your Business IMMEDIATELY.

Whew! THAT’S A LOT! But we’re going to give it all to you. I’m SUPER EXCITED to Work With You to Start, Build, or Fix a Business That You Will LOVE.

Fast Path to CASH! Includes (Total Retail Value: $7,216 in Materials, Training and Coaching):

  • business training LIVE, in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday, October 14, 2017, where I’ll pour into you 35 years of business consulting wisdom (backed by 24 years of practicing Business Law) and the knowledge of how to plan and implement a successful business model (Regular Price $3,997.00);

  • Physical and download versions of Platinum Tower’s Executive Suite: The Business Plan materials (a $294 Value!);

  • Physical and download versions of Platinum Tower’s Executive Suite: The Business Series materials (a $1,094 Value!);

  • A personal laser coaching session with me on your business to help ensure that you are developing winning strategies to get you in revenue mode early in our relationship (a $297 value!); and

  • 3 months of group coaching AFTER you return home from Fast Path to CASH! to ensure your ultimate success (a $1,191 value!).

End the Struggle. Register RIGHT NOW and Receive These FREE Bonuses (an additional $343 in Value)!!

Bonus #1 – $197 Value
Platinum Tower’s Entrepreneur KickStarter Business Mastery Series, a pre-recorded 7-Webinar business training package.You will receive Attorney Shaune’s expertise and valuable insights on all of the following subjects:

  • Supercharge Your Vision, Build Your Legacy. Learn Strategies to   Explode Your Brand and Build an Unforgettable Business;
  • Finally, Answer the Age-Old Question, To LLC or Not to LLC? Choose the Right Corporate Structure for Your Business;
  • Harness the Power of Strategic Alliances.  Use Joint Ventures, Franchising, and Other Powerful Strategies to Gain Instant Customers and Produce Wealth;
  • Get it in Writing! Survey the General Structure of Business Agreements, Discover the Tricks, Triggers and Red Flags You Need to Look for and Business Terms You Just Can’t do Without;
  • Spearhead Your Grassroots Project: Learn Ground Zero Product Development Strategies That Transform a Napkin Idea Into Products that Fly OFF the Shelves;
  • Discover That It Really IS a Small World After All: Using Social Media, Link Strategies, SEO, and Affiliate Marketing to Drive Global Sales; and
  • Your Grey Matter Matters. Create Residual Income by Utilizing Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents to Protect and License Your Intellectual Property.


Bonus #2 – $47 Value
The Art of Negotiation. In this humorous 1-hour audio CD you’ll learn to think like a negotiator. You’ll understand how to think creatively, eliminate the fear that’s often associated with negotiations, and get what you want from anyone!


Bonus #3 – $20 Value
The Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Can TANK Their Business Overnight. This 1-hour audio CD will help you avoid the biggest train wrecks that I’ve witnessed in 20 years of practicing Business Law. I pull your coattail with these tips, triggers and red flags to help ensure your success in business.


















Register NOW for Fast Path to CASH!, LIVE, in Los Angeles, on Saturday, October 14, 2017.

Remember, you’re getting solid business planning, structuring and training that will help you easily digest all of my flagship materials and other powerful pre-recorded webinars and audio products that you’ll get to create a solid foundation for your business. You’ll also get an additional coaching call per week for 12 weeks that are dedicated to supporting your growth, and helping you build your  business, plus all of the amazing bonuses listed above (Total Retail Value Materials, Training, Coaching and Bonuses of $7,216.00)
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to the world!

Just to show you how excited I really am, I have another little stealth bonus for you:

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I’ll see you on Saturday, October 14, 2017. In the meantime, we’ll get started working together right away with your personalized laser coaching session, to help you start, build or fix the business of your dreams.

Register NOW. Here’s To Your Success!

— Shaune.

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